Field Study 3

October 23, 2009 robellelahoz

FS 3 Student

For the past five months, doing field study in PSU-LHS made our lives as a pre-service teacher changed into something worthy of holding on to our chosen career…that is being a TEACHER someday. As I recall the past few months of endless activities, we have gained not only knowledge and new experiences to be learned and treasured but the trust and respect of the LHS students who in one way or another remembered us and whenever we get the chance to meet them at the lobby or inside the jeepney, they would definitely give us a genuine smile.

For the past few months of observation, we have come up with a better understanding of the world we are trying to fit in. Here’s what happened in our Field Study 3….

When everything is moving in fast pace as I was cramming to review my past notes because the Final examination is just two weeks away, I went through an observation in one of the brightest section in First year LHS. I have observed that the classroom organization as well as the procedures and the student’s individual characteristics were just common to every classroom in LHS. the physical arrangement was somewhat cozy, the daily procedures and routines were done as scheduled. I as an observer, keeps a running record of everything that happens during the instructional period to get an overview of the lesson. The lesson was organized in a manner that the objectives were presented to be perceived by the students. the materials, methods and procedures of the lesson plan were successfully executed. when there’s a problem that may arise in the classroom the teacher can easily resolved conflicts, as the teacher uses kind words and dealing it with a low tone voice.

Another thing that we did during the entire semester is to learn the different learning facilities and equipments present in PSU-LHS, it amazes me to know that there are Audio-Video Halls that caters complete facilities ranging form VCD to DVD to Laptops and LCD projectors that were all ready to use and the students can avail it at their most convenient time.

Then, as we go through several activities, we have enjoyed much doing Bulletin Boards layouts, making proper Hand-outs that we can use or apply when we became teacher in the future, and creating a slide presentation that we actually presented in our Educational Technology II. Doing all of these enhances not only our creativity but our concepts about what we will be doing in the real world of a licensed teacher.

Finally, this field study that is considered to be an enriching experience in developing and utilizing the appropriate technology to facilitate learning, is a wonderful experience not just to be kept as a memory to be remembered but it should be kept in the heart for further application in the future and the knowledge that we have gained all through out the study will be our stepping stone to a more complex challenges that we will be facing in the next months to come.


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